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Modern C++ in Embedded Systems

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ISBN v. Embedded computer systems--Handbooks, manuals, etc. Zurawski, Richard.

Making Embedded Systems: Design Patterns for Great Software

E42E64 Jacome and AnandRamachandran. Cesrio, Flvio R. Wagner, and A. Fragopoulos, Dim-itrios N. Serpanos, and Artemios G. Multimedia and net-work applications, the most frequentlv reported implementation case studies at scientifc conferenceson embedded svstems, have had a profound infuence on the evolution of embedded svstems withthe trend now toward multiprocessor svstems-on-chip MPSoCs , which combine the advantagesof parallel processing with the high integration levels of svstems-on-chip SoCs.

Manv SoCs todavincorporate tens of interconnected processors; as projected in the edition of the InternationalTechnology Roadmap for Semiconductors, the number of processor cores on a chip will reach over bv Te design of MPSoCs invariablv involves integration of heterogeneous hardware andsofware IP components, an activitv which still lacks a clear theoretical underpinning, and is a focusof manv academic and industrv projects.

Comprising 48 chapters and the contributions of 74 leading experts from industry and academia, the Embedded Systems Handbook, Second Edition presents a comprehensive view of embedded systems: their design, verification, networking, and applications.

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The contributors, directly involved in the creation and evolution of the ideas and technologies presented, offer tutorials, research surveys, and technology overviews, exploring new developments, deployments, and trends. To accommodate the tremendous growth in the field, the handbook is now divided into two volumes. Processors for embedded systems Processor-centric architecture description languages Networked embedded systems in the automotive and industrial automation fields Wireless embedded systems.

Embedded Systems Handbook 2-Volume Set - Richard Zurawski - Bok () | Bokus

Volume I of the handbook is divided into three sections. It begins with a brief introduction to embedded systems design and verification. The book then provides a comprehensive overview of embedded processors and various aspects of system-on-chip and FPGA, as well as solutions to design challenges.