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Raw Blame History. It contains conversational data of people talking to children. Reduplication in pidgins, creoles and other contact languages. Thesis, London University. D Dissertation, University of Texas at Austin. Reintaim 'Raintime'. Elliot, on the 14th December, to the 22nd of March, Mufwene and John R. Paaralang Elementarya ng Manuel S.

Doubling and omission: Insights from Afrikaans negation.

To appear in: Barbiers, S. Lekakou eds. With the exception of time reference e. On the other hand, the development of quantitative sociolinguistics owes a great deal to research on AAE since the mids see, e. There are also several monographs on creolistics today that provide an overview of the scholarship on creoles and pidgins today.

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They include Romaine , Holm , Manessy , Arends et al. Studies of the morphosyntax of creoles have yet to inform general linguistics beyond the subject matters of time reference, serial verb constructions, and grammaticization. For Pidgin and Creole Languages instance, studies of lectal continua e. Based on observations such as Rickford that mesolectal speech is the norm in creole-speaking communities, more work could have been done about whether the notions BASILECT and ACROLECT are not in fact elusive constructs of convenience that are associated with analyses intended to amplify structural differences between creoles and the European languages they have evolved and diverged from.

The actuation question is that of identifying the ecological motivation of change, i. Note also that a concomitant of the emergence of creoles around the Atlantic and in the Indian Oceans was the loss of heritage languages among the descendants of the enslaved Africans. The fact that language loss as a concomitant of language shift was experienced only later by European colonists who had different heritage languages than the dominant one may very well account for why the divergence of other colonial offspring of the same European languages was not as extensive among descendants of most Europeans.

It appears that they were acculturated relatively late and did not participate as early as the slaves and European indentured servants in shaping the new colonial vernaculars Mufwene, a. Nonetheless, in the broader context of language contact including second-language acquisition , studies of especially the emergence of creoles have been inspiring. For instance, Thomason and Kaufman is widely cited in studies of indigenized Englishes.

Schumann and Andersen were an important step in consolidating common interests between second-language acquisition and the emergence of creoles. Lefebvre et al. There is also hope in the recent growing number of publications addressing the question of whether creoles are simpler than other natural languages, including Dahl , Gil , Faraclas and Klein , DeGraff , , Aboh and Smith , McWhorter , , and Mufwene b, They have also claimed center stage in research on the phylogenetic emergence of language Bickerton, , , ; Botha, ; Mufwene, , ; Hurford, , competing with the scholarship on gestures McNeill, and sign language.

See also: Dialectology; Language Contact; Sociolinguistics. Bibliography Aboh, E.

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The role of the syntax-semantics interface in language transfer. In: Lefebvre, C.

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Benjamins, Amsterdam, pp. Aboh, E. In: Aboh, E. Complex Processes in New Languages. Benjamins, Amsterdam.

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Some developmental inferences from the historical studies of pidgins and creoles. In: Arends, J. From business to pidgin. University of Westminster Press, London. Bakker, P. Pidgins versus Creoles and pidgincreoles. In: Kouwenberg, S.

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Blackwell, Oxford, pp. Baptista, M. Beechert, E. Working in Hawaii: A Labor History. University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu. Berlin, I. Bhatt, P. Stress, tone and intonation in creoles and contact languages. Bickerton, D. The nature of a creole continuum. Language 49, — Roots of Language. The language bioprogram hypothesis. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 7, — Language and Species. University of Chicago Press, Chicago. Language and Human Behavior. University of Washington Press, Seattle. How to acquire language without positive evidence: what acquisitionists can learn from creoles.

In: DeGraff, M. Hill and Wang, New York. Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York. Bolton, K. Language and hybridization: Pidgin tales from the China coast. Interventions 5, 35— Chinese Englishes: from Canton jargon to global English.