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Lee Corey. Rough Trails. Elusive Salvation. Wagon Train To The Stars. The Returned, Part II. Available Light. Crisis of Consciousness. John Jackson Miller. The Romulan Way. When there were only going to be a few survivors, there was nothing to stop Kirk from rescuing the Tauteeans. However, once that number increased, suddenly rescuing the people slowly dying in the cold recesses of space was a Prime Directive issue, as though the number of survivors had reached some sort of threshold number.

That screams callousness and indifference, which was not the way the Prime Directive was originally envisioned, at least to my mind. While not completely mind-blowing, it's an interesting tale that presages cooperation between the Klingons and Federation, and presents a fascinating problem that brings disparate people together to try and solve.

Several great moments make this novel a little more memorable than some.

Bennett's Ex Machina. Martin, a follow-up to last year's Typhon Pact: Seize the Fire. No comments:.

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